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  1. The Interstellar Medium and Star Formation in Edge-On Galaxies. I. NGC 891
    Yim, K., Wong, T., Howk, J. C., & van der Hulst, J.M. 2011, AJ, 141, 48
  2. 2009

  3. BIMA N2H+ 1-0 Mapping Observations of L183: Fragmentation and Spin-Up in a Collapsing, Magnetized, Rotating, Prestellar Core
    Kirk, J. M., Crutcher, R. M., & Ward-Thompson, D. 2009, ApJ, 701, 1044
  4. Simultaneous Observations of Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) with the Berkeley-Illinois-Maryland Association and Owens Valley Radio Observatory Interferometers: HCN and CH3OH
    Hogerheijde, M. R., Qi, C., de Pater, I., Blake, G. A., Friedel, D. N., Forster, J. R., Palmer, P., Remijan, A. J., Snyder, L. E. & Wright, M. C. H. 2009, ApJ, 137, 4837
  5. 2008

  6. The Distribution, Excitation, and Formation of Cometary Molecules: Methanol, Methyl Cyanide, and Ethylene Glycol
    Remijan, A. J., Milam, S. N., Womack, M., Apponi, A. J., Ziurys, L. M., Wyckoff, S., A'Hearn, M. F., de Pater, I., Forster, J. R., Friedel, D. N., Palmer, P., Snyder, L. E., Veal, J. M., Woodney, L. M., & Wright, M. C. H. 2008, ApJ, 689, 613
  7. Temperature-regulated 22 GHz water vapor radiometers for CARMA
    Shiao, Y.-S. Jerry & Looney, Leslie W. 2008, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 7020, 62
  8. The properties of powerful radio sources at 90 GHz
    Hardcastle, M. J. & Looney, L. W. 2008, MNRAS, 388, 176
  9. Constraining the Earliest Circumstellar Disks and Their Envelopes
    Chiang, H.-F., Looney, L. W., Tassis, K., Mundy, L. G., & Mouschovias, T. Ch. 2008, ApJ, 680, 474
  10. Interferometric Mapping of Magnetic Fields: The Massive Star-forming Region G34.4+0.23 MM
    Cortes, P. C., Crutcher, R. M., Shepherd, D. S. & Bronfman, L. 2008, ApJ, 676, 464
  11. Dense Molecular Gas in a Young Cluster around MWC 1080: Rule of the Massive Star
    Wang, S., Looney, L. W., Brandner, W., & Close, L. M. 2008, ApJ, 673, 315
  12. 2007

  13. Kinematics and Chemistry of the Hot Molecular Core in G34.26+0.15 at High Resolution
    Mookerjea, B., Casper, E., Mundy, L. G. & Looney, L. W. 2007, ApJ, 659, 447
  14. The Bipolar Outflow toward G5.89-0.39
    Watson, C., Churchwell, E., Zweibel, E. G., & Crutcher, R. M. 2007, ApJ, 657, 318